— I believe Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodle) cups represent Keizangama.

In around 1984, Japanese tableware and Ko-Imari became popular and we started to manufacture all kinds of soba cups at the request of a trading company in Tokyo. We got an idea from the words, “it’s hard to visit many kilns to purchase soba cups” , so we started planning and developing our own soba cups and decided to make all sorts of them on our own. Until now, we have created more than 1,000 different types of soba cups in 10 different shapes.
At that time, Sometsuke (blue and white porcelain) soba cups were the most popular, but we also developed overglazed soba cups and that made us different. Currently, we produce about 120 kinds of soba cups on a regular basis.

—Do some of your soba cups come with a beautiful paulownia box?

Yes, those are our PREMIUM CHOCO collection.
We prepared a paulownia box with a drawer to create a place for the soba cups.
Their size is a reproduction of the soba cups from the Edo period (1603-1868), which were larger than the modern sized ones. They are also handmade using a potter’s wheel with carefully selected clay, and traditional designs are drawn on the surface. These soba cups come with a small plate in the same design as the cups. These plates can be used for various purposes according to the imagination of the user.


—I have an image of Arita ware as being hand painted.

Since the establishment of the company, one of our characteristics has been our hand-painted patterns which are each carefully drawn by our artisans.
We also gift a card which is printed with the same pattern that is hand-painted on the soba cup that explains its meaning. We hope it will help to make your life with our soba cups more enjoyable and be more enriched.

—It’s an adorable card that you’ll want to collect.

The illustrations were drawn by the actual artisans who do the painting on soba cups. They are very popular with our customers.

—Arita ware has strong connotations of being a traditional craft and being used for special occasions. However, I think the reason why your products attract people is because they can be used in daily life.

We strive to make tableware that highlights the cuisine, so the finish of our patterns is soft and natural.
As both creators and users, we take pleasure in providing tableware that makes our daily lives more comfortable and enriched.



1957 Established
1964 Workshop relocated to Nanbaru, Arita Town
1984 Established Shinohara Keizan Y.K.
1996 Opened “Utsuwa Dokoro Keizan” in Kobira, Arita Town
2009 Workshop relocated to Oodaru, Arita Town
2013 Yumiko Shinohara assumed the position of President
2019 Developed a new brand mg&gk (Mogu to Goku)

Company info

Company Name Shinohara Keizan Co.,Ltd.
President Yumiko SHINOHARA
Address 2-3-12, Oodaru, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura gun, Saga, 844-0004, JAPAN
Tel +81-955-42-2947
Fax +81-955-42-6390
Business Commercial Manufacture and sale of ceramics
Established 1957
Incorporation of the Company 2 May, 1984
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Products Household and commercial tableware
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