Creazione Co.,Ltd. hereinafter referred to as this company, or we, recognizes the protection of our customers’ important personal information as our responsibility. Therefore, we comply with the following policies and accurately manage and protect personal information.



The term “personal information” is defined as names, dates of birth, sex, phone numbers, email addresses, work places, inquiries and so forth, that can identify specific individuals by using one or more of the above pieces of information


3.Intended Use of Personal Information

(1) This company uses the personal information of its customers only within the company (except for cases which are outlined in point 5 (Disclosure of Personal Information) below) for the following purposes:

– To meet customers’ requests

– To contact customers

– To provide information about its services

– To use for analysis in order to improve its services

(2) If this company needs to use personal information for reasons other than the above purposes, we will request approval in advance. We do not use customer’s personal information without approval.

(3) It is a customers’ choice whether or not he/she provides his/her personal information to this company. If he/she cannot provide his/her personal information, he/she may not be able to receive the services of this company.


4.Collection of Personal Information

When this company collects personal information from customers due to inquiries and so forth, we try to minimize the amount of personal information we collect.


5.Disclosure of Personal Information

This company does not disclose customers’ personal information to any third party, except in the following cases stated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Article 23 in Japan.

  • When complying with the law.
  • When needed to protect the life, limb or property of someone, and when it is difficult to receive an approval from the person.
  • When this company needs to cooperate with the national government, regional government, or an organization entrusted by those governments to carry out the affairs prescribed by laws and acts, and when it is difficult to receive an approval from the person.
  • When the customer has given prior consent to its disclosure.

6. Confidentiality agreement with cooperating companies when sharing information

When outsourcing all or part of this company’s business, this company carefully selects outsourcers subject to the implementation and management of appropriate protection of personal information, and strictly manages customers’ personal information.

7.Compliance with account suspension, deletion and so forth

Customers can request this company to disclose or revise their personal information, or stop this company from using, or sharing, their personal information. We will request customers to confirm their identity, and correspond within a decent period. If you have any inquiries regarding this company’s privacy policy, please contact us below.



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