PREMIUM CHOCO946 Tanzaku Flower & Arabesque (Handwork)

PREMIUM CHOCO946 Tanzaku Flower & Arabesque (Handwork) The tanzaku (a strip of paper) , flower and arabesque pattern is drawn freely and generously. It is one of the most popular patterns because it has the meaning of "prosperity and longevity" due to the vine growing uninterruptedly with its strong vitality. PREMIUM CHOCO The small plate can [...]

PREMIUM CHOCO949 Somenishiki Hexagonal (Handwork)

PREMIUM CHOCO949 Somenishiki Hexagonal (Handwork) The hexagonal pattern comes from the shell of the turtle. The turtle is said to have the ability to convey the will of the gods and this pattern has been a symbol of longevity. A series of hexagons in a stable composition signifies eternity and prosperity. The pine and bamboo [...]

PREMIUM CHOCO954 Somenishiki Carp (Handwork)

PREMIUM CHOCO954 Somenishiki Carp (Handwork) There is a folklore that carp swam up a fall and some became dragons. Because of that, a carp swimming up a fall is a symbol of success and promotion. As the carp swims up the rapid river, the meaning of being strong and having courage to accomplish goals and [...]

PREMIUM CHOCO956 Somenishiki Horse (Handwork)

PREMIUM CHOCO956 Somenishiki Horse (Handwork) Horses have been thought of as the vehicles of the gods. Because they kick with their hind legs, they are cherished as lucky charms to kick away bad luck. The left horse is also said to invite good fortune because the horse will not fall over if ridden from the [...]

EDO CHOCO941 Sometsuke Cherry Blossom

EDO CHOCO941 Sometsuke Cherry Blossom The name "Sakura (cherry blossom) " has a meaning of a place where the gods of mountains and rice paddies sit and rest. When the cherry blossoms bloomed in the spring, it was believed to be a sign from the gods that dwelt in the cherry blossoms, informing the village [...]

EDO CHOCO942 Sometsuke Pine

EDO CHOCO942 Sometsuke Pine Evergreen trees are said to be the dwelling places of the gods, and especially pine trees have been recognized as auspicious trees because they have a long life and are resistant to wind, snow, and frost. As a result, they have become a symbol of longevity. In Japan, the pine tree [...]

EDO CHOCO953 Sometsuke Wave

EDO CHOCO953 Sometsuke Wave Seigaiha (the wave pattern) is a program from Gagaku ( Japanese court music) in "The Tale of Genji" and has been used as a pattern for stage costumes since the Heian period (794-1185). The repeated fan-shaped patterns express the waves that spread out incessantly and it reminds us of the power [...]

EDO CHOCO944 Sometsuke Cloud

EDO CHOCO944 Sometsuke Cloud In the old days, the clouds that came out of the sky were called "Unki (the movement of clouds)," and their movements, size, and shape were used to predict good and bad fortunes. A cloud that appears as a sign of an auspicious event is called a “Zui Un (a cloud [...]

EDO CHOCO945 Sometsuke Mt. Fuji

EDO CHOCO945 Sometsuke Mt. Fuji Mt. Fuji is said to have been named after the Japanese word "不二(one-of-a-kind)”. In Japan, there is also a famous saying to express auspiciousness which is, “ First Mt. Fuji, Second Hawks, Third Eggplants (it is the most auspicious if you see Mt.Fuji in your first dream of the year, [...]

EDO CHOCO966 Sometsuke Gingko

EDO CHOCO966 Sometsuke Gingko The gingko has a long life, so it has a meaning of longevity. Also, the leaves of the gingko tree have wonderful meanings, such prosperity, because its leaves are shaped like a Japanese fan which spreads out when you use it, and prosperous business, because of its golden leaves. EDO CHOCO [...]

EDO CHOCO967 Sometsuke Happiness

EDO CHOCO967 Sometsuke Happiness The Japanese character “福“ has a meaning of “Fortune”, and “寿” has a meaning of “Congratulations”. Also, the circle pattern expresses treasure. We combined those two patterns to wish you a lot of happiness, good fortune, and longevity. EDO CHOCO The patterns on the outside of the "EDO CHOCO" collection are [...]

EDO CHOCO968 Sometsuke Almanac

EDO CHOCO968 Sometsuke Almanac Japanese culture is often associated with the calendar. Japan has four beautiful seasons, and we live together with the changing of the seasons and nature. There are all sorts of traditional events that are held in each season with different wishes. The almanac is a sign of how time passes but [...]

EDO CHOCO969 Sometsuke Arrow Feathers

EDO CHOCO969 Sometsuke Arrow Feathers Arrow feathers are the feathers of eagles, hawks, kites, and so on, that are attached to the top of arrows. These arrows are called “Hamaya (arrow used to drive off evil)” in Japanese, and since they shoot at a target, can also mean "prosperity in business" and "fulfillment of wishes". [...]

EDO CHOCO970 Sometsuke Ichimatsu

EDO CHOCO970 Sometsuke Ichimatsu Ichimatsu is a traditional Japanese checked pattern. Since this pattern continues forever, it has the meaning of prosperity and eternity. In the Edo period (1603-1868), the Kabuki actor Ichimatsu Sanogawa used this pattern as his stage costume, which is why it is commonly called "Ichimatsu” in Japan. EDO CHOCO The patterns [...]

CHOCO53 Sometsuke Chain

CHOCO53 Sometsuke Chain This design comes from the Japanese words “Wa (ring)” and “Wa (harmony)”. Harmony is important between family, friends, and colleagues, and we designed this in the hope that harmony will continue forever like a chain. This pattern expresses the Japanese spirit of valuing harmony with others. CHOCO This is a soba cup [...]

CHOCO78 Tenkei Akae

CHOCO78 Tenkei Akae Tenkei Akae is a combination of Sometsuke (the method of freely decorating only with indigo color) and Akae (the method of applying overglaze enamels) which was inherited from Jingdezhen at the end of the Chinese Ming Dynasty (1621-27). Blue, red, yellow, green, and other colors are used in this vibrant design. The [...]

CHOCO955 Red Dot

CHOCO955 Red Dot The circle shape of the dot has the meaning of treasure. To be rich in body and mind is a very important treasure in our life. In this pattern, we make a wish to cherish a wonderful destiny and peaceful life. CHOCO This is a soba cup collection with carefully selected patterns [...]

CHOCO789 Sometsuke Mishima

CHOCO789 Sometsuke Mishima The Japanese cypress fence pattern is a continuous pattern that intersects diagonally, and is named after the shape of the fence made from the thin bark of the Japanese cypress. Japanese cypress is considered to be one of the world's most durable woods and has the best preservative quality. The gentle scent of Japanese [...]

CHOCO952 Sometsuke Shonzui

CHOCO952 Sometsuke Shonzui The Shonzui pattern is one of the highest-grade patterns used on Japanese tableware for Japanese tea masters, and can be used regardless of the season. In general, it refers to a pattern that is finely drawn on divided sections, but it can also refer to large auspicious patterns. CHOCO This is a [...]